Executive Chairman’s Message


Message from Executive Chairman

Our environmental services are available to various sectors of development such as infrastructural development (roads, water supply, tourism, energy, agriculture, port development etc), manufacturing industries, mining companies, financial and lending institutions. Our consultants have been involved in numerous ESIA and SEA projects for several private, Government and Multilateral agencies.
Seth A. Larmie, MSc
Excecutive Chairman
SAL Consult Limited is a multidisciplinary water and environmental engineering consultancy company based in Accra, Ghana. SAL operates as an independent consultant with extensive expertise and solid management support making it one of the best organized consulting firms in Ghana.
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  • SAL Heights, No 52 Swaniker Street, Abelemkpe, Accra, Ghana. Digital Address GA-162-2157
  • +233 244 199 512/ +233 302 772 379
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