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  • Email : info@salconsultgh.com

Business Planning and Development

The group’s major interests are:

  • Investment Studies (Feasibility Studies) and Business Development Plans
  • Project Design & Management
  • Commercialisation & Marketing of Organisations
  • Operations/Production Management
  • Plant Maintenance Management
  • Environmental and Safety Management
  • Procurement and Materials Management
  • Management Information System
  • Capacity Building in Public/Private Organisations 
Our services are available to various sectors of the economy and our consultants have been involved in business development studies, investment studies, project designs and management for clients.


Business Planning and development clients

SAL Consultants and their associates have carried out projects for various clients such as:

  • USAID, Accra
  • World Bank, Accra Office
  • Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Accra
  • Forestry Commission, Accra.
  • Afia Petroleum Resources Limited
  • African Development Bank & Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines
  • SIC Insurance Company
  • EU – ACP Business Assistance Scheme.
  • New Crystal Health Services Limited
  • Western Rod & Wire Limited
  • Ghana Meteorological Agency